Bruno Bioni talks about the AI regulatory framework with PaRR

At March 23rd, Bruno Bioni gave an interview to PaRR newspaper when he talked about AI regulatory framework and risk-based regulation of AI systems. According to the newspaper, Brazil’s Senate is analyzing an artificial intelligence (AI) regulation which, if approved, is expected to provide legal certainty to technology companies and a safer experience for users.

Bioni pointed out that the AI draft bill still needs to be introduced as a proper bill in the Senate and also that the draft has made
signicant progress on protecting individual rights and providing legal certainty for the companies which develop or use AI.

The draft bill has more legal provisions and seeks to make their enforcement more predictable, he added.

About the regulatory framework, Bioni further described that:

Brazil’s AI draft bill is risk-based and asymmetrical, regulating more strictly the systems which pose greater risks to society and imposing a light regulatory burden on those classied as low-risk.

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